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A felony is the most severe criminal charge and it carries the maximum punishment under the law.  The punishment for a felony conviction is extremely harsh and may result in a state prison sentence.

A criminal conviction may also result in other adverse consequences, thus impinging on your professional and personal life.  For instance, a felony conviction can have a profound effect on your ability to obtain or keep a professional license.  It can cause great difficulty in maintaining employment or in obtaining future employment.  A felony conviction can result in adverse educational consequences.  It can also result in the loss of the right to posess firearms and in the deportation of non-citizens.  Thus, it is vitally important to anticipate all possible consequences of a felony conviction and to minimize such or obtain a dismissal of the charges.

Because of the severity of the offense, a felony demands the attention of an experienced criminal defense attorney at the earliest possible opportunity.  If you have been accused of a crime, you need an attorney to represent you from the moment you are charged through pleading and/ or trial.

We are experienced criminal defense trial attorneys and we will look out for your interests, to develop the best defense possible for your particular case.  We will inform you of all developments as they occur and keep you involved throughout all proceedings.  Our firm aggressively, competently, and ethically defends a wide variety of felony charges, to include aggravated assault, arson, burglary, conspiracy, embezzlement, fraud, kidnapping, murder, narcotics sales robbery, and sex offenses.  Our attorneys are skilled negotiators and we pride ourselves in revealing weaknesses in the the prosecution?s case.  We always seek to dismiss or reduce the charges filed against you, thus minimizing the impact of of your case upon you and your loved ones. 

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